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Read below for information specific to parents and families of PHS IB students.  Links to our monthly newsletters, meeting information, spring IB/AP testing, and other commonly requested documents are included.


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Fundraising Gift Card Program/IB Student Account Changes —

Beginning April 1, 2019, the King Sooper’s reloadable gift card program was replaced by Community Rewards!  In an effort to simplify community giving, King Sooper’s has launched this new program.  Any reloads onto your current gift cards after March 31, 2019 were no longer credited to your student’s account.  However, if you register for the new Community Rewards program as instructed below, you will still be able to continue earning $$ into your student’s IB account!   NEW ACCOUNTS? See below….


No longer will you need to reload gift cards to earn $$ for your student’s IB account!!  

All you need to do is link your King Sooper’s loyalty card to Poudre High School IB and continue shopping at King Soopers!  To do this, those that wish to continue earning money for their student’s IB account will need to do the following:

-        Register for a King Soopers digital account at  You will need your King Soopers loyalty card OR your associated phone number.

-        Once your individual account is created, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Community Rewards and choose the Enroll Now link.

-        In the “Find an Organization”, enter Poudre High School IB.

-        Click on the Enroll.  It is that simple!

 PARENTS – You will no longer have a gift card that needs to be uploaded each time which will make life easier for you BUT YOU WILL BE EXPECTED TO DO SOME BOOKKEEPING ON YOUR OWN NOW!!

  • In order to continue linking the profit you will be receiving from the Community Rewards program to your student’s IB account beginning April 1st, PHS-IB will be receiving a quarterly check with total profits from all IB families who have switched over to the Community Rewards program. Quarters are designated as: January – March/April – June/July – September/October – December. 

  • The IB office will receive checks from King Sooper’s 30 days after the close of each quarter (July/October/January/April). 

  • An email will go out to all IB families requesting an emailed earnings receipt that you have accessed at the end of each quarter from your Community Rewards account.  These email earnings receipts must be sent to the following email address in order for the earnings to be linked and posted into your student’s IB account:

  • Once reporting is completed, your student’s IB account will be credited for the 4.5% of your earnings receipt each quarter with the remaining .5% going into the PHS-IB account.   You can continue to submit school-related receipts for reimbursement to the IB office with monies taken out of your student’s IB account.  You may request your account balance any time by emailing   

  • NEW ACCOUNTS:  If you are not currently participating in the gift card program earning $$ into an IB student account, NOW is the time to start with the new Community Rewards program!  An account will be set up in your IB student’s name (family account) once you begin earning $$ through the Rewards program.  You MUST register by following the steps above!


ATTENTION ALL CURRENT SAFEWAY GIFT CARD HOLDERS!!!  After March 31st, all Safeway gift cards will be discontinued and you will no longer be able to receive profit from those cards.  Please continue to use the remaining balance on the card through March 31st to receive profit into your student’s IB account.  After that date, the cards will no longer be linked to your student’s account. Safeway has not brought a change to their gift cards as King Sooper’s has so we will no longer be able to accommodate Safeway gift cards. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  You are welcome to look into signing up for the King Sooper’s Rewards program, as detailed above. 


QUESTIONS about the Community Rewards program??? Please refer to the FAQ section of the Community Rewards link above AND/OR email:  We will be glad to answer any questions during this transition period from the gift card program to the new Community Rewards program!  



OLD CHICAGO PIZZA PALZ!!!  Old Chicago Pizza Palz are available for purchase in the IB office!  Another great way to earn $$ towards your student’s IB account!  $11 each with $5 going into your student’s account, and you receive a large pizza valued at $25!  NO limit on number you would like to purchase but will be first come-first served!  Please check with the IB office as to availability: 970-488-6118 OR


The purpose of the IB Fundraising Program is to allow IB families to raise money and pay for IB expenses not covered by Poudre School District. Since the IB Diploma Program is not a graduation requirement in PSD, expenses incurred as part of IB are the responsibility of the student. Such expenses include: 

  • IB summer reading books

  • Supplemental books for IB Classes (mainly English)

  • PHS class fees (music/PE, etc.)

  • IB exam fees (junior and senior years)

  • IB related field trips and summer trips

Contact Information:

Debbie Hover - IB Administrative Assistant
(970) 488-6118