IB MYP Core Components

The MYP Personal Project is the culminating experience for students completing the MYP Program in 10th grade.  It is a chance for them to demonstrate the knowledge, skills and attitudes they have developed throughout their experience in the MYP.  Students take on a self-directed project based on their personal interests and passions while exploring their experience at a depth that allows them to apply their learning to new and diverse experiences.

For specific project documents or questions regarding the Personal Project please contact Jason Malone, MYP/Personal Project Coordinator (jmalone@psdschools.org)

All students in the IB Program are pushed to be well-rounded individuals who recognize and foster their impact on the world.  As part of the holistic approach to education in IB, students in the MYP are asked to complete Community Service hours in conjunction with their coursework and personal interests (Service-as-Action).  Volunteer hours completed from the end of 8th grade through the end of 10th grade can be counted towards meeting this requirement.  IB Student Leadership, along other PHS leadership organizations regularly organize and offer service opportunities to our student body.  We encourage students who are looking for opportunities to follow the link to the right for information.  We also regularly send e-mails about opportunities in our community through ManageBac.

Questions regarding Service-as-Action should be directed to Jason Malone, MYP/Personal Project Coordinator (jmalone@psdschools.org)

Service-as-Action (SA)