Poudre High School IB

IB Student Leadership

IB Student Leadership is a group of IB students who work to serve the IB, PHS and global communities. The main focus of the group is on community and service. Student Leadership manages projects such as International Day, International Night, Compliments of the House, and more in conjunction with IB staff.  A short description of each of this year's projects is given below.

This Year's Theme:


Sustainability includes many different aspects, including Environmental, Social, Educational, among others. IB Student Leadership's Projects this year will revolve around this theme. 

2017-18 IB Student Leadership Team

Lea Molacek (12th) - Student Coordinator
Clara Lenoch (12th)
Bryan Martino (12th)
Harper Lowrey (11th)
Cleo Anderson (11th) 
Katie Ko (11th)
Shane Ball (10th)
Kayla Hagar (10th)

If interested in joining, please contact a member of the Student Leadership Team


Applications for Student Leadership are open to all IB students of all grades at Poudre. We are especially looking for 9th graders to join the team.  Applications are now available.  If interested... print, complete and turn into the IB Office.

Ongoing Service Opportunities

The IB Student Leadership Service Catalog is a resource for students to find service opportunities in Fort Collins. It is available here.  Find something you love!


2018-19  IB Student Leadership (IBSL) Events

Scroll down for more information on Student Leadership, the Service Catalog, IBSL's service opportunities, projects, and applications. Contact info has been provided for all service projects. 

Junior Induction

Junior Induction welcomes 11th graders into the Diploma Programme from the Middle Years Programme. 

International Night

An international potluck followed by presentations on different cultures, including native dances, music, and games! 

International Day - takes place on the Monday before Spring Break week...

International Day is one of IB students' favorite days of the year! Taking place right before Spring Break, IB students take a day off from classes and instead learn about the diverse and awesome world around them. Presenters from various countries come to Poudre and talk about the culture of their country. 

Service Opportunity: International Day is a big event, and we'll need a lot of help. Check back soon for information about the first committee meeting. 

Contacts: Katie Ko; 59539@psdschools.org or Shane Ball; 58985@psdschools.org

IB Showcase - takes place in April...

IB Showcase is an annual event where the IB program is able to display the work of students. Sophomore Personal Projects ,  IB SL and HL art student curated art shows, DP Extended Essays and CAS projects are all on display.  Please check back for more information. 

Contact: Katy Sayers; ksayers@psdschools.org; MYP Coordinator


2018-19  IB Student Leadership Ongoing Projects

Freshmen Integration into the MYP, Pre-Diploma Pathway, and the IB Program

The adjustment from middle school, especially non-IB schools to the MYP and IB Programs at Poudre is not a walk in the park. The IB Staff and IB Student Leadership work very hard to help freshmen get acclimated to PHS and the IB program, and set them up for success in the DP, AP classes or any other coursework at PHS. The main tool is the Pre-Diploma pathway Freshman Seminar classes. 

Contact: Katy Sayers; ksayers@psdschools.org; MYP Coordinator

Compliments of the House

Compliments of the House allows PHS students and staff to anonymously (or not so much) submit notes to teachers, colleagues and friends. Compliments will be open 3 times over the coming year.

We will put a link on the main PHS web page for students, parents and staff to send well wishes, compliments and congratulations to each other.  We will send out an announcement when it is open this fall.

IB Globe Project

The IB Globe Project is one of the main avenues that IBSL uses to make an impact on the global community. The 2017-18 Globe Project was a Sadie Hawkins Valentine's Dance where all proceeds went towards an international organization that works to build schools. 

Service Opportunity: Volunteers will be needed to help plan, set up, and tear down the Sadie Hawkins dance. This will take place in February, so it is a little bit down the road. Check back soon for information regarding the first committee meeting. 

Contact: Harper Lowrey; 49127@psdschools.org