IB Grocery Gift Card Program  / Fundraising

Read below for more details and frequently asked questions about the IB Grocery Gift Card Program and other fundraising options.


The purpose of the IB Reloadable Gift Card Program is to allow IB families to raise money and pay for IB expenses not covered by Poudre School District. Since the IB Diploma Program is not a graduation requirement in PSD, expenses incurred as part of IB are the responsibility of the student. Such expenses include: 

  • IB summer reading books

  • Supplemental books for IB Classes (mainly English)

  • IB exam fees (junior and senior years)

  • IB related field trips and summer trips

The Poudre HS IB program, in connection with participating grocery stores, has set up a gift card program to provide 5% of each gift card sale back to the program and individual student accounts. Your student is credited with 4.5% and 0.5% will go into a general IB student activities fund for various IB expenses, including IB student scholarships.

Participating Stores - 

$10 reloadable gift cards. Cards can be used nationwide for groceries, gasoline, and pharmacy purchases. Also accepted at City Market, Loaf N' Jug and all other Kroger stores.

$10 reloadable gift cards. Cards can be used nationwide for groceries, gasoline and pharmacy purchases. Also accepted at VONS and other stores owned by Safeway.  

Each bearer of a gift card (King Soopers/Safeway) can reload (add value to) their card, up to a total of $500 at the register or Customer Service desk in any King Soopers or Safeway store, prior to checking out their purchases, in a separate transaction. In another transaction, right after reloading the card, the supporter may use the gift card in payment for purchase.


Four Easy Steps:

Step 1: Purchase your King Soopers/Safeway reloadable gift card(s) from the IB office (during order dates)

Step 2: Load it with an amount up to $500 at the store

Step 3: Start your purchase with this card...and earn $$ for your student

Step 4: Keep reloading and buying!!

How to enroll in this program - 

  • Fill out and sign an Accountability Agreement form (usually done with IB application) and return it to the IB office.  
  • Fill out a gift card order form (see link to the left) and return it to the IB office with your payment (checks only) before or on the due date of each month (see table below).
  • At the beginning of the school year, we will deliver the gift cards to your student on the following Monday, 8th period class
  • Orders will be delivered to your student who will sign for the cards on the delivery date in their 8th period class.  Students who do not have an 8th period class, or who will be absent for athletics, etc., will need to pick up their order in the IB office after 2:00 pm on the delivery date, or thereafter.
  • Order deadlines are for new cards only or if your family needs additional cards!!!  If you have already purchased a gift card from us last year, you may continue using it!!  
  • If you let your card go with a zero balance for 90 days, it will no longer be an active card and will be removed from the statement by the store.  New cards may only be purchased through the IB office to link the card number to your student's IB account.  They cannot be purchased at the store!!
  • Once you have purchased your gift card, you can reload it as many times as you wish and use it year-round!!


2017 -2018 Gift Card Order Deadlines - 

Due date                            Delivery date

 *   9/6/17                         9/11/17

10/4/17                            10/9/17

 * 12/6/17                         12/11/17

 *   4/4/18                          4/9/18

*Old Chicago Pizza Palz will be available to order on these dates.

You will receive an email reminder one week before the above due dates.


Reimbursement Process - 

Keep all original receipts for any IB expenses and bring them to Debbie Hover in the IB office. When your student’s account has sufficient funds, you will be reimbursed with a district check mailed to your home address.  Approved IB expenses include IB summer reading books, English & History books (purchased on your own), IB class fees (art/music/PE/technology).


Budgeting Guideline - 

The following table will help you in budgeting your gift card reloads.  For example, if you reload your gift card with an amount of $200 every month beginning freshmen year until graduation, your student will have $405 in his/her account.

Monthly Gift Card Reload                                  Account Balance Until Graduation

$200                                                                          $405
$400                                                                          $810
$500                                                                          $1,012
$600                                                                          $1,215
$800                                                                          $1,620
$1,000                                                                       $2,025

Other Fundraisers - 

There is one other fundraiser also contributing directly to your student's account. This program has limited availability.

Old Chicago Pizza Palz (selected months only) is a partnership program with the Old Chicago Foundation.

100 Pizza Palz are available on selected months with a maximum of three per IB family per order.  Pizza Palz are $11 each. Cards are redeemed at any Old Chicago for a maximum value of a large pizza. Your student’s account is credited $5 for each Pizza Palz purchased.  Please write a separate check for Pizza Palz orders payable to "PHB IB".

  • Old Chicago Pizza Palz are only available at certain times of the year.  Look for an email reminder as to when these order dates take place!

Frequently Asked Questions - 

Q: Do I need to buy a new card every year or can I continue using my card from last year?
You do not need to buy a new card as long as you keep your card active. Cards with a zero balance will expire after 90 days.

Q: Can a card expire?

Yes, it will expire if the card has a zero balance for 90 days; it will then be removed from the system by the store.

Q: Can I pay my orders in cash, with check, or with credit card?

We can only accept checks made payable to PHS-IB.

Q: How can I find out my student's current account balance?

Call Debbie Hover in the IB office (488-6118) or email her at debbieh@psdschools.org.  

Q: Can I use my student’s account for any school expense?

IB summer reading books and IB class fees (art/music/PE/technology) are all acceptable expenses for reimbursement. Original receipts need to be submitted for all reimbursement requests. 

Q: Is there a limit as to how many cards I can order?

No, you can purchase cards for family members, relatives, friends, neighbors, co-workers, or whomever would like to support your student's IB account and the IB program. You need to place these orders in your IB student’s name in order for them to receive the % credit into their account.

Q: My student is graduating with a balance in his/her account. Can I be reimbursed for this balance?

You will need to bring in all original receipts you may still have in order to be reimbursed. This can include IB exam fees incurred during your student’s junior and senior years. The balance left in your student’s account will be transferred into a general IB account to be used for IB scholarships or other IB expenses. If you have a sibling joining the IB program, we can arrange for the balance to be carried over to your incoming student’s account.

Q: Do siblings have separate accounts?

No, one family account is created for all IB siblings at PHS.

Q: Can I turn in my order form after the due date?

Sorry, no exceptions. You must turn in your order before or on the due date (by 3:15pm) as we have a certain time frame to place the orders with the grocery stores.

Q: Do stores other than King Soopers and Safeway participate?

These are the only stores right now participating in our program and offering the reloadable gift card program.

Contacts - 

Shar Gerber -Gift Card/Fundraising Parent Coordinator


(970) 690-0996

Debbie Hover - IB Administrative Assistant
(970) 488 6118